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Bayer Advanced Coral Dip

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    At BIGShow we have used just about every dip for corals there is on the market, as well as some hard to find chemicals such as Levamisole and Interceptor (can now be found as Sentinel).  One of the best coral dips in our opinion is actually a lawn and garden insecticide. We have found it to be far milder than other dips that utilize various plant oils to irritate coral pathogens such as Revive and Coral Rx.

    Due to the nature of this product, some caution must come with its use:

    • Always wear gloves and eye protection.  If any Bayer comes in contact with your skin, rinse immediately.
    • Use 1-2 rinse buckets with water from your aquarium.  Very small quantities of Bayer can be enough to kill ornamental shrimp and crustaceans in your aquarium.  After dipping in Bayer, use the rinse buckets to rinse off any residual dip. Be sure to remove any acropora crabs before dipping.

    Dipping concentration and duration:

    • The effective concentration can vary quite a bit.  We often use the same dipping container and add enough of the product to make it look like skim milk.  If you are dipping a small batch of corals you can mix up anywhere from 2ml-10ml per 4 ounces of tank water.
    • A dip duration of 5-15 minutes is recommended.
    • Use a turkey baster to blast the coral and with flow to knock off any pests that will be stunned by the dip.  Rinse in clean tank water and inspect for any pest algae, or eggs of pests.
    • Do not combine Bayer with any other coral dip products.

    Use of a quarantine system is still recommended after dipping, as the dip is not toxic to the eggs of many pests.  They can be easily overlooked.  A quarantine period of 2-4 weeks and repeated dips are the best way to ensure pests do not enter your aquarium.

    We recommend you dip all corals, no matter where they come from.

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