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Berghia Nudibranch - Adult

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    Berghia are a natural predator to eradicate one of the most troublesome pest organisms in marine aquaria, Aiptasia anemones. They are therefore the most perfect and highly desirable solution for aquarist.

    Berghia are easy to keep and care for in a reef aquarium as long as there is food (Aiptasia) to eat and the water quality is good. They therefore will do well in most established reefs aquarium.

    Berghia nudibranch only eat Aiptasia. There is no point trying to feed them anything else. They get their color from the Aiptasia they eat. They absorb the pigment from the Aiptasia

    Berghia Nudibranch have evolved methods of approaching the Aiptasia that prevent the defensive mechanics of the Aiptasia kicking in. Aiptasia will not attack with their stinger cells nor release planula larva into the water when Berghia slugs approach like they do when other dangers approach.

    Some of the most important benefits with Berghia are:

      • Berghia nudibranch will find all the Aiptasia in the tank. Even the ones hidden in crevices or too small for the aquarium owner to see and spot treat against.
      • Chemical treatments are often sold as reef safe despite containing chemicals that may be harmful to other marine life.
      • Chemical treatments causes the Aiptasia to die more or less all at once. This causes a lot of stress on the water. When you spot treat you can to a degree lessen this problem by treating different patches of Aiptasia at different times but you still get an entire patch dieing all at once and polluting the water. Using Berghia you do not get the water pollution problems since the Aiptasia is slowly consumed over a couple of months.
      • Unless used perfectly most chemical treatments can cause more smaller aiptasia to grow
      • When the Aiptasia is gone you know it is gone. The sea slugs will not miss any Aiptasia and you do not have to worry about it growing back.
      • Berghia are very small and add a very small bioload to your tank.

    We recommend at least 8-10 Berghia per 100 gallons of water for a moderate Aiptasia problem (50-100 aiptasia per 100 gallons). Getting the right number of Berghia is important. You want to have enough Berghia in your tank so they can find each other to mate and lay eggs. The nudibranch eggs may hatch and continue to populate the tank until the Aiptasia are gone. Use the adult Berghia calculator below to help estimate the number of Berghia you need for your tank. Very heavy Aiptasia outbreaks may require even more Berghia.

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    1. excellent

      packing and shipping were perfect on 2019 Jun 15th

    2. Worked like magic

      Aiptasia population is decreasing day by day. on 2019 May 24th

    3. C'est vraiment impressionnant.

      J'ai fait l'achat de 5 Berghia pour mon 65 gallons infesté d'Aiptasia .Au début je croyais qu'ils étaient tous mort lors de l'acclimatation mais deux mois plus tard je constate qu'il ne me reste que quelques Aiptasia a éliminer.J'ai même fait la découverte de quelques bébés nudibranch cette nuit.Normalement je n'écrit pas de review mais cette fois si,je suis vraiment impressionné par l'efficacité de ces petites bestioles alors je me suis donné la peine de vous partager mon succès.

      I bought 5 Berghia for my 65 gallons infested Aiptasia. At first I thought they were all dead during acclimatization but two months later I see that I only have a few Aiptasia left I even made the discovery of a few babies nudibranch that night.Normally I do not write a review but this time though, I am really impressed by the effectiveness of these small critters so I took the trouble to you share my success.
      on 2019 May 24th

    4. Special Forces

      All animals arrived alive to Southern California.Special forces have been deployed.They are active day and night and on target to eliminate all aptasia threats within the month.Thank you for breeding. on 2019 Apr 10th

    5. Excellent order

      Order came through great. Got a few extra and four eggs :) Haven't put them in the DT yet but have them in a 2 gallon tank and they are happily eating aiptasia and laying more eggs. on 2018 Jun 8th

    6. Great , Amazing results

      After trying various chemical treatments to kill aiptasia and none gave positive results.. I added 1 berhia to my 8gallon nano reef .. wow , amazing it did the job... aiptasia free now.. I recommend this .. on 2017 Apr 21st

    7. Great service

      Ordered 22, unfortunately had the package arrive, and by no fault of BIGShowFrags one of the containers was exposed to extreme heat thus the Nudia arrived DOA. After some verifying info & pics they shipped me a new replacement order the next business day! Great team of people, great service. Nudi arrived and are now in the tank. on 2017 Mar 1st

    8. Great to get rid of Aptisia

      Excellent. Aptaisia Problem Solved!!! on 2017 Feb 20th

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