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Coral Sprint SPS/LPS/NPS Food - Fauna Marin

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    Coral Sprint is a revolutionary progression in feeding technology. Through the provision of nutrient media, the combination of bacterial cells and new substance group (volatile proteins) can now serve as an additional food source for your coral. This new source is the missing link for providing many corals with essential foods that conventional coral foods do not supply.

    In nature, corals are found in very clean, yet nutrient-rich water. By nutrient-rich we do not mean Nitrates or Phosphates, instead we refer to it as „coral feed“ such as plankton and volatile nutrients which are constantly available to the animals.

    These volatile nutrients are best described as a mixture of proteins and fats which are constantly being formed then decomposed by marine bacteria; this is a reoccurring process in nature’s reefs. It is this process that ensures the endless variety of species in our reefs. Finding a way to utilize these volatile nutrients as a food source has been a problem that has gone unsolved, until now.

    Coral Sprint is the rst coral feed which makes these special nutrients available to the aquari- um enthusiast. The volatile nutrients that occur in nature can now be fed to your corals!

    Preserved in beta-glucan shell cells, these nutrients become available to the corals after the powder has been dissolved

    Coral Sprint is consumed by corals in two ways:

    •Corals absorb the nutrients directly through their surface tissue •Coral polyps consume the smallest particles

    Coral Sprint is much ner than the usual coral food and is therefore bene cial to all corals, as well as sponges and azooxanthellate corals, which especially bene t from this product.

    Coral Sprint closes a supply gap, which can occur again and again in nutrient-poor
    SPS and LPS aquariums.
    When added to the system,
    no NO3 or PO4 is increased, but corals are nevertheless supplied with the essential feed.

    Coral Sprint is not a selective product that emphasizes individual colors or is developed for certain animal groups. Coral Sprint provides a deep, rich color and uorescence for all corals and a metallic shine on coral tissue. In addition, it provides your corals with energy - especially in nutri- ent-poor aquariums or with special husbandry systems such as the Fauna Marin US Style Primefrag® system.

    The effect of Coral Sprint depends on environmental parameters. It is ideal for low-nutrient systems and/or coral breeders with SPS and LPS. With a low and long-term dosage, as well as low nutrient values and correctly adjusted water values, you can achieve better growth even under heavy blue light conditions. 

    Calculating the best dosage

    Due to the differences in tank size, stocking levels, and aquarium husbandry techniques, an exact dosage for your reef cannot be calculated. The amount of Coral Sprint to add to your reef will solely depend on the aforementioned factors. Our feeding recommendations serve as a tool to help you nd the appropriate amount of food required by your tank.

    When dosing Coral Sprint, the feed remains active in the aquarium for a short time but is then completely decomposed and consumed by corals, bacteria, sponges, and sea squirts.

    Feeding instructions

    1 Dosing spoon per 500 L or 132 US gal, add every 2 days
    Take a sample of tank water and add 1 dosing spoon per 500 liters or 132 US gallons
    to the sample cup.
    Dissolve the Coral Sprint powder by shaking vigorously for at least 20 seconds. Feed the solution directly into the aquarium by pouring in a high- ow area.
    heavily stocked aquariums and SPS-heavy Zeolight systems,
    1 drop of Food Energizer per dosing spoon.

    Compatibility with other Products and Systems

    Coral Sprint can be used alongside all types of ltration and nutrient management systems. We recommend you start with 25% of the indicated dosage and increase the dose by
    10% per week

    Dosing Coral Sprint with Reef Vitality and Coral Balance:
    Coral Sprint, Reef Vitality and Coral Balance can be dosed together. We recommend you start your CS, RV and CB dosage at 50% of the recommended feeding instructions.

    For all other coral foods, Coral Sprint can be dosed at the same time.
    We recommend aquariums using Coral Sprint, always use activated carbon, such as Carb L

    Shelf-life after mixing

    Coral Sprint is biologically active and contains no arti cial preservatives.
    For that reason, Coral Sprint
    should be used immediately after you dissolve the powder. The solution created with Coral Sprint can only be used for a few hours, unless frozen



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    1. Insane results

      Polyp extension is insane!! After 2 weeks the corals are looking way more vibrant. Super happy with the food. on 2018 Oct 12th

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