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Fluconazole Bryopsis Treatment - Per Gallon (20mg)

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    Fluconazole Bryopsis Treatment - Per Gallon (20mg)

    By purchasing a quantity of 1 (one) you are buying 20mg of Fluconazole Bryopsis Treatment that will treat 1 gallon of aquarium system volume. 

    If your system is 37 gallons total, then you need to purchase a quantity of 37 of this product

    If your system is 100 gallons total, then you need to purchase a quantity of 100 of this product

    The Fluconazole Bryopsis Treatment will come pre measured and packaged in the quantity you order ready to be dissolved and added to the system. no measuring required on your part. If you are ordering multiple doses or for multiple systems please indicate in the order comments upon checkout the total number of gallons per package.

    If your system is 100 gallons total, and you want 2 doses you need to purchase 200 of this product and in the comments section of the order checkout please indicate "Package in 2 x 100g doses"


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    ****This treatment seems to work best in well lit areas of the tank. Some people are noticing quicker results by adding light to the shaded areas of their tank.*****

    Q: Will Fluconazole kill Bryopsis?
    A: YES. Fluconazole will kill Bryopsis. There have been a couple of strains that seems to take longer to kill but if you have Bryopsis,it will kill it.It has also killed most forms of GHA although GHA takes longer to kill. Some tanks have needed another treatment to kill all of the GHA.Keep in mind that GHA can/will return in your system over time as you perform water changes and remove the Fluconazole. GHA shows up any time the conditions are right for its growth.This does not mean the treatment didn't work,only that the conditions were right for its return. Bryopsis however won't return in your system unless you didn't kill all of the Bryopsis cells during treatment or you reintroduce it into your tank through frags etc.

    Q: How does Fluconazole work?
    A: Fluconazole blocks the enzymatic pathway for the production of ergosterol. Ergosterol is essential for maintaining the cell wall integrity of plants. Ergosterol (ergosta-5,7,22-trien-3β-ol) is a sterol found in cell membranes of fungi and protozoa, serving many of the same functions that cholesterol serves in animal cells.

    Q: Will Fluconazole kill anything else in my system?
    A: So far Fluconazole has not killed anything other than bryopsis and GHA. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING else is unaffected.

    Q: Do I do a water change before treatment?
    A: Yes. It would be a good idea as the treatment is for 14 days and its normal to expect an increase in NO3.

    Q: How do I prepare the the medication?
    A: Pour the contents out into a glass of RODI water or tank water. The amount of water doesnt matter, but make it enough to be able to mix the med up. Pour some water in and out of the pouch to rinse it all into the glass. The med isnt very soluble, but mix it up best you can. Preferably dose at night when fish are asleep. Then pour the entire dose into the DT, or sump. Some have put it into their sump socks. We dose directly into the DT.

    Q: How long is the treatment?
     days. Maybe up to 21 days if you still have GHA present in the tank. Longer treatments have been run without any problems so if you want to continue your treatment past the 3 weeks it will be fine.

    Q: Do I remove my carbon?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Do I remove my skimmer cup?
    A: Yes. Its suggested for at least the first few days if not the entire treatment, to remove your cup. If you remove your cup you may continue to run the skimmer, or turn the skimmer down as to not allow the skimmate to enter the cup. You do not want to remove the medication.

    Q: Do I take my ATS (Algea Turf Scrubber) offline?
    A: Yes. Completely sanitize it, and reintroduce it after all the bryopsis is 100% gone.

    Q: Do I take my bio reactor offline?
    A: No.

    Q: Do I take my GFO offline?
    A: No GFO will not remove the meds. It will also help to remove the PO4 from dying algae.

    Q: Do I continue to dose H2O2?
    A: Yes. It will not interact with this med.

    Q: Do I continue to dose color elements, alk, calcium, and magnesium?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Should I change or reduce my lighting?
    A: No.

    Q: If I take my carbon reactor, or any other equipment off line/out of the tank, do I just put them back into the system after treatment?
    A: No. Do not reintroduce the algae. It would be best to sterilize any equipment and throw away old media for reactors.

    Q: Is it ok to take out my chaeto, or other algae's then put back after treatment?
    A: No. this may reintroduce the algae. Leave the macros in the tank.

    Q:Should I stop using Purigen during treatment?

    Q: Do I take my UV Sterilizer offline?
    A: No. At first it was thought that the UV would break down the meds but further testing has shown that it doesn't seem to effect the treatment enough to remove it.

    Q: Do I do a Water Change during treatment?
    A: No. Unless it cannot be avoided and a WC needs to be done to save life. If you do preform a water change the the medication will need to be redosed and treatment time restarted.

    Q: Will Fluconazole kill my chaetomorpha or other beneficial maco's?
    A: Some users have reported some macro algae loss during the treatment but most have not.We are not seeing any wide spread death in macros so it's more of a judgement call on your part.

    Q: What other nuisance algae's will be killed by Fluconazole?
    A: Fluconazole kills the green algae Derbesia also known as GHA. It seems that GHA takes longer to kill than the bryopsis but it still dies. It does not kill Bubble algae. 

    Q: When do I do a WC?
    A: At the end of the full 14 day treatment. After treatment has completed you will go back to your normal running system. Do a WC as your NO3/PO4 levels may be high from a lot of dead algae. At this time you can assess if a second dose will be required to kill off any algae that has managed to survive the treatment.

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    1. Works as advertised

      Only in day 4 of the treatment but definitely reduced bryopsis. Hoping the rest disappears soon. on 2018 Jun 18th

    2. Bryopsis Killer Extraordinaire

      We are only 5 days into our treatment and only have one tiny patch of bryopsis left, and it is starting to turn white. By tomorrow, I don't think we will have any bryopsis left in our tank.

      This stuff is amazing and is the only thing I would use for a bryopsis outbreak, and is the only product I would recommend. It is affordable, quick, and doesn't have any ill effects on corals, inverts, or fish.

      Another plus, was the super quick shipping. When you have a bryopsis outbreak, timing is everything and could mean saving corals.
      on 2018 Jun 11th

    3. Works as advertised, pictures included.

      I ordered the product and when I came home from work the next day it had been slipped under my door. That arrived VERY fast, which was pleasant!

      I have held off on posting a review until my first two weeks are up. I have to say that it has done an amazing job of combatting the hair algae within my tank. I did not have bryopsis and was purchasing this solely to combat green hair algae.

      I followed the instructions: Turned off skimmer, removed carbon, no water changes. Otherwise I changed nothing in my tank. An important note for my experience is that I performed ZERO manual removal for the course of my first treatment, as I wanted to see what just the medication would do. I started to run filter socks however, as I wanted to be sure to catch any of the dead parts that I could without plucking them out.

      Please see the attached link to show some pictures and dates for you to judge. As you will see two weeks was not long enough to completely eliminate the GHA, but what is left I could easily pluck out. Not only did it thin it out tremendously but it also left what is behind incredibly weak. While taking my final picture today I tested how easy removal was, and where before I could lift up rocks by the GHA, now it comes apart like wet paper.

      Overall, I am 10/10 satisfied with this product.

      Thank you!
      on 2018 Jun 6th

    4. Working great

      7 days after treatment the byprosis and hair algea is slowly but surely dying off praying this is last I see of it as I have tried everything from scrubbing rocks and huge water change only to find it came back in about 3 days on 2018 Feb 28th

    5. working great

      Only one week Tomorrow being treating Bryopsia with Fluconazole the weed is starting to die off in whitish clumps on 2018 Jan 13th

    6. Ridiculously effective

      After months of battling bryopsis, I treated with Fluconazole and the thing was gone within 5 days. I run a SPS dominated mixed reef: acros, montis, zoas and LPS are completely unaffected. I highly recommend it and wish I had done it earlier. Thank you BigShowFrags for stocking this.

      PS: turn off skimmer, remove GAC and don't do water changes during the treatment.
      on 2018 Jan 11th

    7. Excellent Results

      Worked Like a charm! on 2018 Jan 4th

    8. It works!

      I'm at about the 9th day of the treatment and my bryopsis had yellowed, withered, and shortened. I think by the 14th day, they would be all gone.
      Didn't expect such a simple treatment would work so well to be honest...
      on 2017 Dec 5th

    9. Great Service!

      Ordered to kill a Bryopsis problem..5 days into the treatment of my SPS only system and no corals effected, livestock not effected..but Bryopsis is dying very quickly. Thank you for stocking this as it’s hard to find, unless you want to pay a fortune at the pharmacy. on 2017 Nov 22nd

    10. Amazing product

      I did hours of research into treating this for bryopsis and decided i wanted to go this route. I went to the drug store to pick it up since its a pharmaceutical. I found it would cost me over 140 dollars to treat my tank. Through further research i found Bigshow was selling this. Priced it out and what would have cost 140 at a drugstore cost 35 here. Cant stress again how awesome it works. on 2017 Oct 7th

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