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Fluconazole Bryopsis Treatment - Per Gallon (20mg)

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    Fluconazole Bryopsis Treatment - Per Gallon (20mg)

    By purchasing a quantity of 1 (one) you are buying 20mg of Fluconazole Bryopsis Treatment that will treat 1 gallon of aquarium system volume. 

    If your system is 37 gallons total, then you need to purchase a quantity of 37 of this product

    If your system is 100 gallons total, then you need to purchase a quantity of 100 of this product

    The Fluconazole Bryopsis Treatment will come pre measured and packaged in the quantity you order ready to be dissolved and added to the system. no measuring required on your part.

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    1. It works!

      I'm at about the 9th day of the treatment and my bryopsis had yellowed, withered, and shortened. I think by the 14th day, they would be all gone.
      Didn't expect such a simple treatment would work so well to be honest...
      on 2017 Dec 5th

    2. Great Service!

      Ordered to kill a Bryopsis problem..5 days into the treatment of my SPS only system and no corals effected, livestock not effected..but Bryopsis is dying very quickly. Thank you for stocking this as it’s hard to find, unless you want to pay a fortune at the pharmacy. on 2017 Nov 22nd

    3. Amazing product

      I did hours of research into treating this for bryopsis and decided i wanted to go this route. I went to the drug store to pick it up since its a pharmaceutical. I found it would cost me over 140 dollars to treat my tank. Through further research i found Bigshow was selling this. Priced it out and what would have cost 140 at a drugstore cost 35 here. Cant stress again how awesome it works. on 2017 Oct 7th

    4. Good treatment !!

      Traitement bien effectué avec la dose de 100 pour 100gallons.
      Aucune perte du vivant et disparition total de la bryopsis apres 8 jours avec la coupe de l'ecumeur retiré pendant le traitement. Seul point négatif est l'apparition de cyano durant le traitement.
      Bac full sps.
      on 2017 Sep 25th

    5. Very Good Result

      I added on Friday morning Jul 7, 2017, and 97% of algae (Hair (similar type) and Bubble) disappear on Jul 11, 2017. I did not notice any LPS damaged. I do not keep SPS, Clam. Fish and Shrimp are save. I recommended it to my friend on 2017 Jul 13th

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