Peppermint Hogfish


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Scientific Name: Bodianus sepiacaudus
Reef Compatible: Yes
Level of Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
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    The Pacific Redstripe Hogfish, also referred to as the Masudai hogfish, Candystripe or Black Spot hogfish, and is a brilliant red with white horizontal stripes. Its common name comes from the coloration and elongated body of these fish. The genus Bodianus has recently been revised, and this fish now has a proper species name.

    With its peaceful temperament, these fish make a great addition to the saltwater fish or reef aquarium. A 50-gallon or larger aquarium with hiding places should be provided. It is a very peaceful fish that adjusts quickly to most aquariums. If more than one Pacific Redstripe Hogfish is going to be added to the aquarium, it is very important to do this simultaneously as they will be slightly territorial among themselves. When full grown, mature Pacific Redstripe Hogfish may take a liking to smaller ornamental shrimp that are introduced after the hogfish is established in the reef aquarium.

    We Feed LRS Foods to all our marine fish, to promote the best health and coloration possible.

    Approximate Purchase Size: 3" to 4"

    Photo Credit: Lemon TYK

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