DIY Reactor - Fauna Marin

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DIY Reactor - Quick and easy setup for breeding Zoo or Phytoplankton with the new DIY-Reactor!

It works directly on the aquarium and you can feed your reef right from the reactor. The set contains all necessary parts for breeding of zoo- and phytoplankton as well as artemia brine shrimp. All you need is a little diaphragm pump.

The DIY-Reactor Set can be easily installed on glass panes with 3-10 mm wall thickness, and the operation is particularly safe because it works without electricityWith the integrated drain valve and the plankton sieve, daily feeding is very simple.

The DIY-Reactor comes with a bottle adapter; bottles with a capacity of up to 2 liters can be used as reactor container. It can be operated on your tank or on your sump, and several reactors can be coupled. So fresh live food is available for your animals every day.

1 x holder Fauna Marin Reactor
1 x hose 4-6 mm
1 x adapter for bottles up to 2 liters capacity
3 x spacers for appropriate glass thickness
1 x Breeding set with pipette, sieve and measuring cups, clamps and drain coc

Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 50 mm 

Technical Data
Tread: For standard PET bottles up to 2 liters capacity

MaterialABS plastic free of metals (ICP-Lab tested.) PET, Silikone, Nylon

Safety Information: Keep away from children; product contains small parts.