DIY Doser - Fauna Marin

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Dosing adapter cover provides a direct connection of dosing pump tubes to dosing containers (e.g. Fauna Marin Elementals). For this purpose, the original cap of the bottles is simply replaced by the new DIY-Doser. The hose takes up the liquid product directly from the bottom of the container, so that the container is completely emptied. If necessary, further bottles can be connected via the second connection.

2 x Fauna Marin Dosing adapter
2 x silicone hose 4-6 mm  34,5 cm clear
4 x blue plastic union nuts

Dimensions:          33 mm x 31 mm  

Technical Data
Utile28/410 (1 Liter Flaschen Elementals Fauna Marin)

Material: ABS plastic free of metals (ICP-Lab tested.) Silicone chemical resistant.

Safety Information: Keep away from children; product contains small parts.