Angled Ceramic Phantom Frag Plugs 3/4" - Rock Hard Reefs

Rock Hard Reefs
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Rock Hard Reefs produces some of the best frag plugs around. Each pack contains 25 plugs that you can use for almost any type of frag. 

25 Plugs Per Pack

  • Inert
  • Ceramic
  • Large Crown
  • Mouting Divot
  • Dark Grey/Black Color

3/4" Crown   |   5/8" Base

There are many different options for frag plugs, and even though a majority of them may look similar, they are not all identical. Rock Hard Reef's ceramic frag plugs come in two different styles, straight and angled. The straight plugs are perfect for frag racks where the angled plugs work great with rock structures and keeping the frags pointed vertically. Each plug is made of rock hard ceramic that is a grey color and blends into any aquascape very nicely.