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Fauna Marin’s Potassium Test Kit is a new standards for the detection of potassium in saltwater aquariums. It's new detection method delivers accurate results in just a few easy steps!

Measuring range: 300 – 500 mg/l
Resolution: 5 mg/l

Contents of package:

  • 12 ml/0.40 fl.oz. Standard (400 mg/l),
  • 25 ml/0.85 fl.oz. of reagent A,
  • 25 ml/0.85 fl.oz. of reagent B,
  • 5 ml/0.17 fl.oz. of reagent C,
  • 30 ml/1.01 fl.oz. of reagent D,
  • 2 glass cuvettes 10 ml,
  • 3 dosing syringes 1 ml with syringe tips,
  • 1 instruction for use

In order to protect the environment, the reagents for this Test Kit (K) are available in affordable refill packs!