ATI Sunpower T5 HO Fixture

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ATI SunPower T5 High-Output Fixture is a favorite among hobbyists who want top-of-the-line performance at a lower cost.

Like the ATI Powermodule, the SunPower features Miro-Silver refectors and an active cooling system for optimal performance and long lamp life. The bent aluminum housing is both stylish and economical. 

UNBEATABLE PERFORMANCE: Superior design and high-end components produce 50% more light than most equally-sized T5 xtures. An active cooling system allows bulbs to run at a more optimal temperature, improving both bulb output and bulb life.

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: The slim, silver-colored body is lightweight, durable, rustproof and just 2.1 inches high. All components, including the T5 ballasts, are enclosed inside the xture housing. The only items external to the xture are a small junction box, two power cords, and an AC/DC adapter to power the fans.

INDEPENDENT LAMP CONTROL: Wired with two bulbs on one power cord and remaining bulbs on the other, allowing for independent control and dawn/dusk simulation.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: Produces up to 50% more light than most other equally- sized T5 xtures, without using more energy.

QUIET, COOL OPERATION: Runs cool and produces virtually no noise. 


  • Individual parabolic-style re ectors made from silver-coated 98% refective aluminum
  • Active cooling system
  • Built-inelectronicballasts
  • Acrylic shield
  • 10-foot power cords (x2)
  • Sleek, adjustable ‘Grip-lock’ style hanging kit
  • 1 year warranty


  • 5
    Excellent light

    Posted by Dana on 2020 Nov 16th

    This T5 fixture is so much better then aquatic life that i had before. HIGHLY reccomend

  • 5
    6 bulb 48”

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 May 23rd

    Could not be happier switching from radion leds on my 75 gallon sps tank. The radions would cause shadowing which would allow the inside of dense birdsnest colonies to be shaded and die. Sps on the extreme left and right of my tank also were only half illuminated due to the intense single point light source leds give off. My options were invest another $2000 in 2 more xr30pros for more even light spread or sell the 2 I had and for less than $1000 go to a 6 bulb ati t5. Boy did I make the right choice. Growth was almost immediate and everything looks happier and healthier. Easily 2x the growth as before and the shaded areas are slowly recovering.

  • 5
    Great Fixture

    Posted by Shawn on 2017 Mar 7th

    The build quality is second to none. The reflectors do a very good job of spreading & blending the different bulbs. Corals could not be happier. After months of struggling with cheap LEDs I'm glad I made the switch.

  • 5
    T5 8 bulb

    Posted by John L on 2017 Jan 30th

    Corals have shown postive reaction to the light. Was looking to grow SPS thats why I got this light.