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Carb L is an activated carbon specifically made for permanent and long-term use!

Extremely pure, vapour-activated and pre-washed activated carbon for removal of yellowness, turbidity and harmful toxins; essential for maintaining good water quality in any aquarium. Carb L cleans the water without any negative side effects and it's almost entirely free of phosphate. 

Continuous aquarium water treatment using Carb L plays a fundamental role in the Zeo-Light-System. Carb L is essential to the keeping of sensitive SPS and LPS corals and therefore is applied permanently. The activated carbon treatment provides crystal clear water – phenoles, proteins, coloring substances, odor, and coral and algae toxins are effectively removed.

Dosing Recommendations: 300 g per 1000 litres of aquarium water if applied in a flow-through filter unit. Flow rate max =200 L/hour. 

Change interval: Replace the activated carbon every 3-4 weeks in a fortnighly alternate routine to the zeolite change. 

Preparation: One day prior to the carbon replacement pour hot water (tap water) over the carbon and subsequently give the carbon a 24h bath.

Technical Data
Ingredients: Pellets of activated carbon

Safety Information: For aquarium use only. Not for human or animal consumption. Keep product away from children.