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Coral Vitality - color, power and vitality!

Optimal source of marine biopolymers for the important symbiotic bacterial fauna of corals. Coral tissue is the key to the vitality, growth and overall health of all stone corals. A healthy coral biome ensures strong growth, color formation and makes corals more tolerant of stressors. Healthy corals are vital to reefs ecosystem. Coral Vitality:

  • Activates all natural colors.
  • Encourages stable colour formation.
  • Allows for better acclimatization of the corals.
  • And promotes yellow and violet tones.

Dosing Recommendations: One (1) drop per 100 litres per day. Strongly recommended reducing the dosage of additional amino acid and trace element mixes if applied along with coral vitality.

Technical Data
Ingredients: Water and marine biopolymers

Safety Instructions: Avoid overfeeding. 



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    Part of my daily regimen

    Posted by Bonnie Coppola @ BonBonsReef on 2023 Jan 2nd

    I switched to Fauna Marin products 8 month ago - and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. My corals are showing colors I’ve never seen before - and everything is so much healthier than before. Definitely recommend, along with Fauna Marin galling light system.