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The GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi with a flow rate of up to 320 ml/minute is ideal for automatic water changes, level control, and dosing in larger quantities. Due to the precise 24 V stepper motors, micro-doses of 0.1 ml are also possible

Robust mechanics and highly efficient stepper motors even allow continuous operation at constant speed, e.g. for operating reactors.

The LED illuminated GHL Logo in the housing serves as a status indicator. Various colors and blink codes and tell you when something requires your attention.

The GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi is available as a Stand-Alone Unit (SA) and Extension Unit (EXT).


Adjust settings in the App, Cloud and Webserver on the go or via our PC-software.

PC-Software & Apps by GHL

With the free GHL Connect App or the cloud service myGHL, you can always control anything from anywhere, start dosing programs or monitor the fill levels of your liquids.

Accurate 24 V stepper motors allow you to perform up to 150 doses per day.

When determining the dosing times, you can choose your doses to be distributed automatically throughout the day — or up to 8 doses per day, individually set.

Stand Alone and Extension DoserEfficiency at its Best.

Do you need more than one device? If so, the GHL Doser Maxi 2.2 is perfect for you because the Doser can be expanded into an efficient dosing systemControl up to 32 pumps independently with a ProfiLux or 16 pumps with any SA Doser.


Stand Alone and Extension Doser. Ports.


GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi Stand Alone

Realize the full potential of GHL Doser Maxi 2.2 Stand Alone:

The Stand Alone unit has integrated control. With it, you can additionally control other Extension Dosers (GHL Doser 2/ 2.1/ 2.2 Extension or GHL Doser Maxi Extension).

You can also connect up to 2 Level sensors to monitor the water level in yourbasin and a temperature sensor for checking the water temperature. You can even use our Magnetic Stirrer to ensure that fluids are always mixed prior to dosing.

Connections_GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi SA

GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi Extension

You can expand your Stand Alone Doser with an Extension Doser or connect a ProfiLux 4 for control.

Connections_GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi EXT
Rear GHL Doser 2.2 Maxi (EXT)

The interference-free connection is made with PAB cables using the PAB-Port.


Quality and FunctionalityThe cutting-edge GHL PP2 Peristaltic Pump.


The PP2 peristaltic pump was developed from scratch by GHL and offers outstanding performance in addition to a modern and sleek design.


Easy maintenance without tools: After moving the pump cover, all internal parts are easily accessible.


The push-buttons on the front panel allow for quick manual dosing or priming the tubes.

Adapters for flexible tubes

Push-pull fittings allow the use of semi-rigid tubes (OD = 6 mm); flexible tubes can also be used with the supplied adapters.