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IC-Gel Insta Cure Cyanoacrylate Gel comes in 20 gram and 50 gram tubes and is a widely used super glue within the hobby. With its quick dry time, and extra thick consistency you can use the IC-Gel on vertical surfaces and it will not run. It is great for heavier frags that you need to stand vertical or heavier rock work. IC-Gel comes in a tube like toothpaste which makes it very easy to dispense the amount needed, and when it comes down to the last few drops you can still get it out, unlike the harder plastic bottles.

Super glue (cyanoacrylate) is widely used for mounting coral frags to plugs, rocks, and what ever you may need to attach them to. Super glue can also be used to bond rock work when aquascaping for a seamless look. We find that if larger gaps are needed to be bridged when aquascaping either building up layers of glue, or placing a smaller rock that fits in the gap and then gluing over the top works really well. Usually when using super glue with aquascaping we will take a small amount of large grain sand to help give the glue some texture and blend it into the rock as well.


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    Best glue so far

    Posted by Tylor on 2020 Dec 18th

    By far the best glue I have used. I have tried so many different brands. I love this one because it is so thick. And they give you multiple tips in the package which is a great bonus!

  • 5

    Posted by Kylor on 2020 May 25th

    I wish I found this glue sooner. Works great!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Luigi on 2019 Nov 26th

    Great stuff enough in the tube to do the job

  • 5

    Posted by Tim Fitzpatrick on 2018 Apr 23rd

    The best coral glue I have ever used! I dont have to fight with the tube to re-open it next time I use it...decent amount in a tube...better then those crappy things I was using from Dollar Store. I love this stuff and I will only use this now as it is just THATTTT good! Not bad value either! Tim

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    #1 glue on the market

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Jun 20th

    This is the best glue on the market, I used this glue for a very long time. Perfect for fragging or other application

  • 5
    Best Frag Glue Ever

    Posted by Mike S on 2016 Sep 24th

    Works amazing... Wayyyy better then the EcoTech Glue and a lot less money.....My number one glue from here on in

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    Love at first frag

    Posted by Torx on 2016 Jun 27th

    I have been a die hard dollar store glue user always. I did try Ecotech glue, but it had its issues, especially with all the glue that was left in the bottle that was impossible to get out. I love this glue. Especially when used with Insta-set Super Glue Accelerator. I sat down and did 2 dozen frags last night with the glue and accelerator. The glue came out thicker then any other past ones I have used. Glue hardened in seconds out of water. Zoas that were fragged opened up beautifully afterwards. You would not even know they were sprayed with the accelerator. Thank you BigShow Frags for introducing me.