Leakage Sensor

CAD $49.49
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Play it safe with the flow early warning system of GHL:

The 80 spring-loaded contacts can detect leaking water.

If a leakage occurs, the ProfiLux computer can warn you via an acoustic signal, SMS, and/or email. If desired, it can also turn on/off specific devices in-advance.

  • A leakage interface is required to connect leakage sensors. Any number of sensors can be connected to the interface.
  • Incl. (1.5 m) connection cable to Leakage-Interface
  • 2 mounting holes
  • A second connector allows you to daisy-chain several leakage sensors to increase safety with additional measuring points
  • Leak sensors only detect conductive water and are not suitable for use with osmosis water.

Warning: Sensor must not be submerged! Only the 80 contacts on the bottom side should be moisturized.