Mitras LX 7204 - GHL

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For lush, healthy growth and vibrant colors in your Saltwater aquarium

The Mitras® LX 7200 series is an ultra-bright LED full-spectrum light with an enormous power density (versions 7004/7204 with up to 131 W) that ensures natural brilliant colors (CRI> 95), uniform illumination, and radiant brightness in your aquarium. Equipped with the innovative GHL Power Balancing Technology®, the maximum power of LEDs can be divided into different color channels as needed.

Easily create your desired illumination program. Light color and illumination intensity can be programmed to vary over the course of the day.
You can either just take over one of the existing lighting projects for your luminaire, or create your own project from scratch.

With its incomparably high photosynthetic efficiency, the Mitras® LX 7000 series is unique in the market. As with the Mitras® LX 6000 pendant lights, this is achieved by carefully assembled high-power LEDs.
Developed and manufactured in Germany, the luminaire is characterized by the latest in LED technology and is incredibly efficient and durable. Compared to conventional lighting technology, the luminaire can save approx. 50% energy costs per year.

  • For Marine Water
  • 1000 K – 24000 K adjustment range of color temperature
  • 9200 K center color temperature
  • 9 separately dimmable colors, LEDs within each cluster:
    2 x Cree XP-E2 blue, 2 x Cree XT-E Cool White, 2 x Cree XT-E Royal Blue, 1 x Osram Oslon SSL true green, 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Sky White, 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Blue-White, 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Hyper red, 1 x Hyper Violet 425 nm, 1 x Ultra Violet 385 nm
  • Mitras LX 7204 has 4 clusters (Total of 48 LEDs)

Unmatched connectivity via app, cloud and PC

With the free GHL Connect App or the cloud service myGHL you can access and operate your Mitras LX7 from anywhere in the world.

The professional and free PC operating software GHL Control Center (GCC) allows you to conveniently operate and configure your Mitras® LX7 with the PC.

The elegant Mitras® LX7 is designed to be used as pendant lights over open aquariums. The installation above the basin can easily be done with the stylish Mitras Flex Mount System or GHL Hanging Kit.