Orca Underwater Glue - Aquarium Munster

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Aquarium Munster’s Orca Underwater Glue is a true advancement in aquarium adhesive. This glue can be used right in the aquarium and will cure and bond underwater. This glue can be used as an emergency sealant in the case of a leaking aquarium seam.

Where this glue can really shine, in our opinion, is as an underwater bonding agent for aquascaping. If you want to add some cool structures, or if you need to repair a toppled rockscape and make sure it stays in place, this glue can be just the thing to set your artistic side free. Thanks to its extremely high adhesive strength and hardness of more than 56 Shore A Orca Underwater Glue bonds nearly every material. The larger 450g Cartridge has plenty of capacity to complete an average aquascape. The smaller 75 gram tube is great for a small repair job such as securing a wobbly rock in place.


  • Bonds & seals underwater
  • Harmless to fish & corals
  • No solvents, isocyanates, or silicones
  • Extremely high adhesive strength
  • Black colored glue 

Available in Two Sizes

  • 75g Squeeze Tube
  • 450g Caulking Gun Cartridge