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ProfiLux 4 – Designed to Perform…Reliably

ProfiLux 4 is designed to standout from the crowd. From form to function, we’ve designed a product to withstand the test of time, all while being fitted into one small package. We’ve updated the hardware and added exciting new features not found on any other competitor’s controller. Best of all, all existing GHL accessories and expansion cards will remain compatible with the ProfiLux 4!

The ProfiLux line of controllers are globally recognized for its outstanding accuracy and reliability. From hobbyists to research institutions, they all trust in the ProfiLux to provide them with highly accurate data and performance.

ProfiLux 4 – Superior in functionality and design

ProfiLux 4 and ProfiLux 4e are the most advanced members of the ProfiLux® Aquarium Controller family. Its extensive selection of on-board connections provide everything the ambitious aquarist needs to achieve success.

From form to function, the ProfiLux 4 is well-equipped to manage important tasks such as lighting control, water parameter measurement/control, level control, pump control, and much more. The P4 also includes integrated modules for measuring Conductance (adjustable: fresh or saltwater), Temperature, pH, and Redox. Connections for level sensors, leakage sensors, and 1-10V interfaces are also included.
Built-in WiFI and USB connections ensure optimal connectivity to keep you well informed about the status of your aquarium via web interface, e-mail, and myGHL cloud service*.

ProfiLux 4 offers switchable pH/redox and Conductivity inputs, laboratory grade measurement and accuracy, nearly limitless expansion options, rock-solid hardware, and much more. The LED illuminated GHL Logo in the housing serves as a status indicator. It displays the condition of your aquarium by displaying various colors and tells you when something requires your attention. Also available in attractive controller sets.

The controller provides 3 expansion slots on board for Expansion cards with additional sensor inputs1-10V outputsPC interfaces, or Digital inputs. It is further expandable with the Expansion Box 2.

Functions of P4

  • Up to 32 independent channels of dimmable and non-dimmable lamps, freely adjustable
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • True calendar moon phase simulation
  • Cloud simulation with adjustable random generator, cloud cover, rainy days, seasonal lighting, Thunderstorm simulation
  • Acclimation program
  • Feed pause (4 different customizable preferences for pump behavior possible)
  • Measurement and control of Temperature, pH Values, Redox, Conductivity
  • Sequential temperature control for tubular heater, substrate heater and cooling, programmable nightly decrease, speed regulated fans controllable
  • Menu guided sensor calibration
  • Data log
  • Operation hour meter for all sensors
  • Universal analog and digital inputs
  • Level (level, leakage, automatic water change etc.)
  • Flow (stream)
  • Versatile Pump Controlling (up to 16 stream pumps independently controllable, several modes: High/low tide, surge, random and much more; different wave modes)
  • Operation hour meter for lamps
  • Burning-in mode for fluorescent tubes
  • Battery buffered real-time clock (RTC)
  • Digital Mitras Lightbar interface or RS232
  • Integrated webserver: Display of values and states, change of important settings, email client, DHCP
  • USB and WiFi
  • Cloud service myGHL®
  • Connection options for GHL Control Pad, Power-Failure-Monitor, AUX
  • Connectivity for radio-controlled clock receiver (DCF)
  • Programmable reminders
  • Control of 64 switchable sockets and dosing pumps
  • 32 timers and dosing programs
  • Child protection via PIN code
  • No coding required
  • Settings are stored during power loss in nonvolatile memory (FRAM)
  • Computer is expandable with 3 add-on modules (2x external, 1x internal), with our Expansion Box 2 added, there are virtually no limits
  • Flexible extensions on the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (Expansion Box 2 for example)
  • Multiple aquarium controllers can be networked
  • Alarm function, output of the alarm optical, acoustical or via switchable socket
  • Therapy Program for sick fishes
  • Maintenance programs
  • Notifications per email or SMS
  • Operation via convenient PC software (Free of charge)
  • Virus proof
  • GHL-developed operating system for aquatics, ProfiLuxOS

Additional features (with corresponding expansion card):

  • Measurement and control of oxygen, humidity and air temperature
  • Use of external signals (such as buttons) to control the ProfiLux
  • Lighting control via DALI

ProfiLux 4 Features



W x D x H: 220 x 150 x 55 mm /
8.66″ x 5.91″ x 2,17″

Delivery includes Power supply, water temperature sensor,
USB cable
Measurement and Control
Water temperature
Redox potential
Oxygen Optional (Expansion Card can be retrofitted)
Relative humidity Optional (Expansion Card can be retrofitted)
Air temperature Optional (Expansion Card can be retrofitted)
Other IES (e.g. Ca) In preparation
CH / Alkalinity In preparation
Functions and Features  
Lighting control channels 32
1-10 V interfaces 6 (optional 30)
Controllable, separately switchable sockets 64
Expansion slots 3 (2x external access, 1x internal access)
Dosing Pump control
Flow Pump control
Digital light control interface
for Mitras Lightbar or RS232
USB interface
Powerbar connections 2

Inputs level sensors / leakage detectors

Digital Outputs/Switch Channels

4 (optional 16)

4e only* 8 (optional 64)

Power failure monitor connection
AUX connection
GHL Control Pad connection
DCF receiver connection
PAB connections 2
Expansion Box extension possible
Alarm √, visually and acoustically
Graphical display
Integrated webserver and email client
Cloud service myGHL
Operating system ProfiLuxOS

GCC, GHL Connect App, Cloud Service 

GCC, GHL Connect App, Cloud Service myGHL

GHL Devices are easily accessible via the free PC software GCC GHL Connect app and cloud service myGHL. (> learn more).

ProfiLux 4 Resource Guide: How to setup the P4!

In our ProfiLux 4 Resource Guide, we show you how to setup your ProfiLux from the moment you take it out of the box. We’ve also included an easy to follow TO-DO list which shows new owners the steps to take as they get their controller up and running for the first time. To download this guide, simply follow this link:

ProfiLux 4 Controller Only includes

  • ProfiLux 4 controller
  • ProfiLux 4 power supply
  • Water temperature sensor
  • USB cable 

ProfiLux 4 Mega-Set 6E includes

  • ProfiLux 4 controller
  • ProfiLux 4 power supply
  • Water temperature sensor
  • pH probe
  • Redox probe
  • Conductivity probe
  • Powerbar 6E-PAB with PAB-cable 2m
  • Calibration fluids (pH 7&9, 50ms, 220mV)
  • USB cable
  • Null plug

ProfiLux 4e Starter Set 6E:

This Starter-Set 6E with the ProfiLux 4e Controller is adapted for marine and freshwater aquariums. This set is ideal for measuring and controlling temperature and pH-value/ redox and for creating true-to life illumination effects. ProfiLux 4e can be upgraded with expansion cards. The bus-system (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus) additionally offers great options for further extensions. Includes:

  • ProfiLux 4e, black or white
  • Power supply unit 
  • Digital water temperature sensor
  • pH-electrode with calibration fluids pH 4 und pH 7
  • Powerbar 6E with PAB cable 2m
  • USB cable

ProfiLux 4 Controller Only:

  • ProfiLux 4e controller
  • ProfiLux 4e power supply
  • Water temperature sensor
  • USB cable





  • 4
    Profilux 4

    Posted by Julian on 2024 Feb 9th

    Replaced another controller that couldn't be trusted. Excellent feature set and sensor options. High quality relays in power bar. The network setup is a pita as is the firmware updating process. Both could easily be improved upon. Fantastic service from Big Show Frags. Many thanks.

  • 5
    GHL P4

    Posted by Maddy on 2020 Jun 26th

    Amazing Controller! Amazing Service!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 2019 Aug 15th

    Switch from apex to ProfiLux .great product need do some homework to learn how is work

  • 5
    My new controller

    Posted by Mark (Torx) on 2017 Dec 2nd

    I recently divorced my Apex and hooked up with GHL. It has taken some time adjusting to the programming language and connections. Now that it is up and running, I am extremely happy over all with this purchase. I purchased the Mega Set with 2 additional Powerbar 5.1's. This product is very well built. In my eyes is definitely a cut above all the competition. I am still learning about the product, but the more I learn the more I love.