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The Reef ICP Total Test provides an accurate overview the 37 water values and now includes nitrate, carbonate hardness, salinity and phosphate!

From macroelements to trace elements and pollutants, you get a complete overview with corresponding dosage and action recommendations. High precision complete test to help understand your system! 


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    Posted by Lane Unger on 2022 Dec 2nd

    Was having some LPS die off in my mixed reef so gave this a go as my local store was out of Triton. I like the idea of testing my RO water as well. The results came back and showed my trace elements way out of whack. I was dosing red sea colours before and some elements were way high and some way low. I decided to try supplementing with Fauna Trace elements and one, for example, said my Flouride was depleted and I needed to dose 1200 mrs (700 gallon tank) to restore it. I took that advice cautiously and dosed 300 mls, Just got back my second test today and it said i need to dose 900 mls. Wow. Got me. I am all in now.