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Aqua Scape Fix is an easy-to-use reusable high performance fresh- and saltwater aquarium glue.

Aqua Scape Fix hardens quickly under water, is inconspicuously transparent in fresh and saltwater aquariums and will overgrow quickly.
Sensitive coral tissue and plants are not damaged during fixing. This unique adhesive can be kneaded by hand into the desired shape. Residues can be easily reused by simply pouring warm water over them again.

Usage Recommendations: Pour hot tap water (over 42 °C/cooking water) over the required amount. As soon as the mass becomes transparent, the adhesive can be used. Use a ceramic cup or glass to melt the adhesive. Remove the glue with a metal fork. Pay attention to the hot water! Attach some glue to the coral or plant and then fix it in the aquarium. After a few seconds the glue hardens. Remaining glue can be reused.

  • 100% neutral and physiologically safe with a very low melting point.
  • Coral trays hold fast and safely on almost all surfaces.
  • Fauna Marin AquaScapeFix is biodegradable and can be used again and again.

Technical Data
Safety InformationThis product is intended for use in aquariums. Keep away from children. The glue can be very hot after melting. Not meant for human consumption!


  • 5

    Posted by Luigi on 2019 Nov 26th

    What can I say... This stuff is great I did a rock build and it's fantastic

  • 5
    Best reef glue I've ever used

    Posted by Heather on 2017 Feb 13th

    This stuff is amazing; causes no reaction with the water or reef inhabitants whatsoever. In fact, it repels water, so doesn't mix with it at all. All the water does is turn the hardened product soft again. Easy to work with when you use water not quite boiling! (around 85 to 90 degrees)