Black Egg Crate for Aquariums 2' x 2' Square

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Egg crate can be used for numerous different things.  From frag racks, skimmer stands, to support under your aquascape.  It is always a good idea to have some egg crate on hand.

Black egg crate is the preferred surface for mounting large numbers of coral frags for the following reasons:

  • Securely holds a large quantity of coral frags in the smallest area.
  • All black color is less likely to attract plague algae growth.
  • 100% reef safe
  • Egg crate spacing of 0.55 inches


**Due to the fragile nature of this product, it is deemed acceptable to have damage to the edge course of egg crate squares. (1/2" perimeter)


This item may require oversize shipping charges depending on destination. We will contact you after purchase to confirm if this is required.