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Food Energizer - enrichment of frozen food!

Herbal extracts strengthen resistance and promote spawning preparedness coloration of marine fish. Food Energizer via high quality emulsion consists of marine oils, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, herbal extracts and valuable amino acids. 

Dosing Recommendation: Shake well before use. Add several drop on a serving/food portion (20 g). Food Energizer can not be overdosed, but should be used sparingly.

Technical Data:
Ingredients: Omega-3 fatty acids, Natural Carotenoids, Garlic Extract and natural marine oils

Storage: Store in cool, dry place.

Contents: Water 30%, fat 67%, Organic Acids 5%, Amino acid mix 6%

Additives: Vitamin A 40,000.00 μ / kg, Vitamin D3 4000 μ / kg, Vitamin E 3,600 mg / kg, Vitamin C 8500 mg / kg, Vitamin B 12 30 mg / kg, Vitamin B 6 15 mg / kg