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100% natural Garlic Essence (no juice!)

Fauna Marin's Garlic Concentrate Liquid is a stimulant that helps to improve the natural resistance of aquarium- and pond-fish's immune systems. Garlic contains natural allicin, which is a very effective antioxidant. Free radicals, which damage cells in fish and other living organisms, are greatly reduced in a purely natural way by this antioxidant thus increasing the fish's resistance. It can also be used as a lure for problematic fish and food deniers.

  • 100% garlic extract from German production
  • No chemical preservatives.
  • With all natural components of garlic.
  • Supports the resistance forces.
  • Increases vitality and colour development of your fish.
  • Increases the feed intake
  • Easy to dose.

Fauna Marin garlic extract is ideal for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The effect is also optimal in koi ponds. Many aquarists report the positive effect on their fish and corals. Regular use is good for prevention and for strengthening the immune system.