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Dried seaweed for all saltwater + freshwater algae grazers - 100% natural!

Dried and shaped algae leaves for easy feeding of your herbivorous seawater and freshwater fish and inverts, including: all species of tangs, emperor fish and wrasse, as well as reef and coral perches and some butterfly fish species. Green Seaweed contains important vitamins, minerals and trace elements that many fish need for their daily diet.

Dosing Recommendation: green seaweed algae sheets can be fed daily. Simply cut off small pieces, soak briefly in fresh water and pour directly into the tank or attach to a stone with a rubber band.

50 Single sheets in perfect size.

Technical Data
Ingredients: 23 gram of 100% Dried Seaweed

Contents: Protein 24%, Fat 3%, Fibre 3% and Moisture 10%.



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    Best nori for aquariums.

    Posted by Dyllon on 2022 Dec 19th

    This nori seems to hold together better than the other brands. Definitely recommend.