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Phos 0.04 is a unique mixture of granular media that safely removes phosphates and yellowing compounds fro the aquarium water!

A special feature is the use of PHOS004, since the PO4-value can not fall to 0.00 it is safe and extremely effective. Color and nutrients are tightly bound to the material and not re-released, so the nutrient content of the aquarium can be kept very low. Unwanted algae growth is effectively prevented and corals can develop their natural colors.

Dosing RecommendationsPlease do all changes in the aquarium carefully and slowly

Use 50ml Ultra PHOS 0.04 per 100L of water.
After 5 days, you can increase the amount of up to 100ml per 100L of water.
Check the PO4 content regularly.

Additional Instructions: We recommend placing the material behind a UV clarifier and after fine filtration in a fluidized bed reactor; the flow rate should be 100 - 200 litres/hour. The slower the better. 
In the case of 
extremely low PO4 levels this product should not be used. In the event the PO4 levels increases again, replace PHOS 0.04 that's in the system with fresh PHOS 0.04.

Technical Data
Safety Information: Do not inhale or swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from children. Not to be used in tanks with animals that will be used for food production.



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    Posted by Steve lambert on 2023 Feb 19th

    Phos0.04 is the very best product on the market for removing silicates and keeping your p04 levels in check. It really does work exactly as it describes. If you have high phos , use powerphos first and the use phos0.04 after to maintain low phosphate in your system