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Power Phos is a wet Iron-hydroxide based adsorber which safely removes silicates and phosphates from the aquarium!

Unwanted Algae growth will stop and corals will show their natural colours. The pollutants are bound to the surface of Power Phos and will not be released again. PowerPhos can maintain very low nutrient concentrations in your tank. PowerPhos is suitable for fresh and seawater. 

Dosing recommendationPlease do all changes in the aquarium carefully and slowly.

Start with 100ml per 300L of water.
After 5 days the dose can be increased up to 150 ml per 300 L of water.
Never use more than 200 ml for 300 L of water.

Additional Instructions: To obtain best results and maximize adsorption efficiency, place the material between two layers of filter wool or use a fluidized-bed-reactor. In case you use the material in a fluidized bed reactor, please consider the much higher efficiency of the material. Reduce the amount of Ultra-Phos by 50 % and carefully control the flow through the filter. 

Check phosphate concentration regularly with reliable test kits. Do NOT use PowerPhos in tanks that already have very low phosphate concentrations. If phosphate concentrations start to increase again, exchange Power Phos in system for fresh Power Phos.

The red colouration of the water is caused by the fine dust attached to the adsorber. It is not harmful and vanishes quickly. Do NOT rinse the adsorber before use. The material can warm up when getting wet for the first time.

Technical Data
Safety Information: Do not inhale or swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from children. Not to be used in tanks with animals that will used for food production.