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Professional Sea Salt contains all of the important macro and trace elements in the correct relative amounts that reflect as closely as possible the mix that occurs in natural seawater, and provides your corals with all the essential minerals in bioactive form. Professional Sea Salt has been specially developed for coral breeders and aquarists with the same professional standards. Best results achieved when used in conjunction with any modern filter system.

Pharmaceutically purest salts, and regular purity and composition inspections in independent laboratories, ensure that the highest standards for sensitive coral can be satisfied consistently. We recommend that you change approx. 5–10% of the total volume of the aquarium every week with Professional Sea Salt.

Dosing Recommendations: Dissolve the measured quantity of Professional Sea Salt in a clean container, stirring evenly all the time. To speed up the dissolving process, add 100 ml mineral water (sparkling) for each 100 L seawater. You can use the water once it is clear and the salt content has been checked.

Note: Approximately 39–40 g of Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt per litre of water is required to reach a salinity level of 34–35 PSU.

Technical Data
Despite the extreme care taken during production, individual values may change because of conditions during transport. These are average values that apply to the complete content of the product. Chemical composition:

Magnesium: 1.250 - 1.340 mg/l
Calcium: 410 - 440 mg/l
Pottassium / Kalium: 380 - 400 mg/l
Natrium: 10.300 - 10.700 mg/l
Chloride: 19.100 – 19.800 mg/l
Sulphate / Sulfat: 2650 – 2750 mg/l
Alkalinity in dKH: 8,0–8,5°
pH-Wert: 8,0–8,4
Strontium: 7,0–9,0 mg/l



  • 5

    Posted by Eddie on 2024 May 16th

    This is an awesome salt everything you could want in a salt.

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    Love the clean looking pails

    Posted by Josh on 2023 Jul 28th

    Love the clean looking pails and all info that is needed is on the pail and could not be much more happy.

  • 5

    Posted by Dylan on 2023 Jun 25th

    Fast shipping good product

  • 5

    Posted by Josh Callaghan on 2022 Feb 26th

    Loving the new salt! Mixed perfectly and put my numbers right where I wanted them

  • 5

    Posted by Angelo on 2021 Sep 2nd

    After switching to this salt a few months ago, WOW is all I can say. It mixes like a charm and the improvements to my system are mind blowing.

  • 5

    Posted by Tyler on 2020 Jan 9th

    I can’t believe we waited this long to try this salt. It’s abit more expensive then what we were using before but the quality is unbelievable

  • 5
    Best salt

    Posted by Liz on 2019 Dec 3rd

    This is the best salt we have used. Stays very stable and I have to add very few extra products to keep my water chemistry in line Easily dissolves and leaves no residue

  • 5
    Pro salt

    Posted by Fred on 2019 Sep 13th

    Best salt we have used in our tank easily dissolves no residue and keeps stable after mixing

  • 5
    highend Awesome salt mix

    Posted by Pandiarajan Palaniappan (Anonymous Reefer). on 2019 Feb 13th

    I was really happy with this salt. mix so fast ( sooooo fast). leaves no residue at bottom.