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Fauna Marin Zeo-Light is a specially formulated Zeolite for reduction of nutrient concentrations in marine aquaria!

This Zeolite provides nitrate- and ammonium-reducing bacteria, an ideal environment. By using a composition of different Zeolites, carefully selected for their specific physical and chemical properties, this filter medium will reduce nutrient concentrations fast and effectively.

Dosing Recommendations: As a basic dosage apply 1000g Zeolith mix to 1000L (260 gal) aquarium net volume. Make sure you determine your net aquarium volume as exactly as possible.

Preparation: Wash the zeolite mix under tap water or use reverse-osmosis water and  give the material a 24 hour bath in tap water. After 24 hours the zeolite mix is ready.

Application: Use the zeolite mix in a zeolite filter unit or in our automatic zeolite filter Zeomatic 2. The automatic cleaning process of Zeomatic 2 makes it easy to maintain a high level of filter function.

Change Intervals: Without automated purgation the zeolite mix requires cleaning in a 2 day interval. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the zeolite gravel needs to be replaced after 4 weeks. 

Note: Zeolite and Carb L activated carbon filter media should be changed 14 days apart, never on the same day.

We recommend to apply a zeolite from a producer with designated experience in the marine aquarium business, since several zeolite mixes for fresh water or pond filtration are unsuitable for marine aquaria and potentially have a harmful effect.

How to use PDF: Fauna Marin Zeo-Light System